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Our First Reminder! Click here to here about the first Reminder released by Awakened.
  Now Released!

Awakened founder Michael Rodriguez and a group of volunteers hit the streets of Miami to release the first set of Awakened Reminders.

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  Here for the first time?

Awakened is a new company with a goal to assist and inspire people to overcome their own fears, and achieve their dreams.

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  What We Do...

Awakening Ourselves Using Proven Techniques
A Higher Education that Everyone Can Use
How Can You Help Us?
  Weekly Poll

Do you believe in a soul?
Yes, the soul is the core of myself.
I haven’t yet decided…I need more proof.
No, souls do not exist.

  How can Awakened assist and inspire you?

Awakened is here to Remind you to wake up and remember who and what you truly are.

Awakened Reminder - The only way to move forward is to let go.
Our promise is to help you and those around you to become conscious... become aware... become Awakened.

We are currently using our Reminders Campaign to bring inspiration to those that feel, or have at sometime felt, the connection to an undescribable unifying force that connects us all. It is in re-inspiring this energy that will bring to reality the goal of Reminders: to spread more positive energy into our world than negative, and thus to change the flow of our beautiful planet to love and peace.

If you would like to learn more about Reminders, or about our Education and Experiences projects, please visit our Projects area.

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