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How to Help  
Help Someone Accomplish a Dream
Difficulty level: Advanced

Let another's dream become yours, and help them make the dream something real.

Some people might be suspicious of your helping them with something so personal. It is only natural, since it's a rare sight to see in our world today. Be wary of this, and help with only what that person wants you to help with. Give them your time, give them your money and your knowledge, and guide them with loose hands. You are providing them help, not doing it for them.

The feeling you'll get of seeing them doing what they truly love might be the only thing you'll receive in return. Be prepared for this, but know that others will be touched by the one you helped, and will receive the same gift that you have given. And if you wait around long enough, you will eventually be helped by someone in this great new positive energy passing through the world.

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