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Face a Personal Fear
Difficulty level: Intermediate to Awakened

Take a personal fear of yours, and make it a challenge to overcome.

The fear you face first should be small. It should be a fear that might not look like a fear to you at this moment. It will be something you've been wanting to do, like skydiving, or buying a new something for yourself. You've put it off because you've been scared of a consequence (like losing money that might be important for other things) or an unknown outcome (like getting physically injured or emotionally affected).

That fear you face will lead you to another larger one. The new found feelings of adrenaline pumping through your veins, and the sense of accomplishment after overcoming this fear will make you find a new fear to challenge. And with each fear you overcome, you will be able to do more extraordinary things than you've ever thought possible. You will have a new confidence, and a stronger will to get your dreams accomplished.

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