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Awakened Launches in Tandem with First Reminders Campaign

Miami, June 8 - Awakened founder Michael Rodriguez and a group of volunteers hit the streets of Miami, FL this morning to release the first set of Awakened Reminders. The date also marks the initial launch of Awakened, a site that houses a library of motivational and educational modules focused on truth, love and joy.

"Today marks the beginning of a new way of advertising in this country, where the goal is to give to the people of our world, not lure them in to empty their pockets," Rodriguez said. Small 3'x5' bumper stickers, stapled to information sheets about Awakened, were methodologically handed out around the city of Miami in 3 separate suburbs. Rodriguez and a small group of volunteers walked up and down sidewalks, and braved Miami streets to deliver the free Reminders. "It would be nice to see these stickers riding around on the back of cars, hopefully reminding a few of us to not take things so seriously…as a whole, I'm sure all of us need to relax a bit more."

Two different sets were randomly released at the launch today reading "Slow Down!" and "Relax". Close to 1000 of the stickers were given to drivers, passenger and pedestrians. "I imagine that many will just throw these Reminders into the trash, or stuff them into pocket in their backseat. The few that don't hide now, I'd really like to see again. It's extremely motivational to see our work doing what it was intended to."

"I'm happy to see Awakened up and running. It will be a backbone to this first Reminders release for those people who are feeling compelled to find out more about the company." Rodriguez reminded that the "full strength" of the website lies in 3 separate microsites, given the name Awakened Education, and are not yet available to users. "The core of Awakened is still under development, but I still wanted a section available earlier for more information."

Awakened is the primary Internet gateway of the company Awakened. The site is comprised of 6 inner microsites, half of which explain the company and it's services, as well as give current worldwide news on the state of it's "spiritual transitioning." Awakened Education consists of 3 microsites located within www.Awakened. Each of the 3 sites, categorized as Body, Mind and Energy, contain educational, interactive modules designed to enhance physical, metaphysical and spiritual capabilities of the user. The company currently does not charge for use of the modules and does not have plans to do so in the future.

Reminders is a worldwide advertising campaign focusing on messages of a spiritual genre. The advertising contains no specific selling motive. These messages, according to Awakened founder Michael Rodriguez, are anticipated to produce a "better world, by sparking truth and love in the one that reads and understands them." Though no specific dates have been mentioned, the Reminders are projected to be released on a variety of media, including clothing, billboards, and television commercials.

Awakened is a Florida-based small business founded in August 2000. The company's business model is based on sales of spiritual products called Reminders, and services in education and experiences.

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