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Awakened Education  
Taking time to understand ourselves is not only the most important time we can spend each day; it is also the most necessary. Some of us understand ourselves very well, and have confidence and self-motivation freely as a result. Others of us can't find five minutes of peace in their day to question and listen within. That takes a toll on us, and very often we need help to bring us back.

The Process is Flawed

The majority of our schools today are very good at teaching us facts, and using those facts to deduce other facts. They bring a crowd of students into one room, and give them a teacher or two to explain a specific subject. Each student is expected to learn from that teacher, and is frequently tested to make sure that is happening. If a student doesn't learn what the teacher is giving them, that student is penalized with a lower grade. That grade can bring heavier consequences as well, since it can determine the jobs that will choose them, and the amount of money they will make after "school" ends.

The current educational process is flawed...Awakened proposes a new way to learn.This process is flawed. It does not take into account that every student is a different person, and learns, in some cases, very differently from the student next to them. It does not take into account that every teacher teaches in different ways, and that some students would learn better from another. It does not take into account that each and everyday is not a day to learn, that we as human beings are not mistake-proof, and facts are not absorbed in the same way from one day to the next.

A New Way to Learn

We propose a new way to learn. This is not a perfect process, as well, but it can substantially help those of us that feel that the current one is not giving us enough.

At the core of learning is the learner, the student. It is around him or her that everything should be based. The learner should make the choices that suit themselves best, as they are the only ones that truly know how well they can learn at any particular moment. It should seem obvious then that the student should choose when and what they should learn, At the core of learning is the learner, the student, and it is around him or her that everything should be based.and who should be their guide in the process. And there will be no judgments passed on the learner's progress, no grades or tests given. The learner will know his or her own progress, and it is the learner who makes the final decision whether or not they have learned and experienced the full wealth of what their guide has to offer.

With the student at the center, many things now work themselves out quite effectively. A student will have a motivation and a passion for what they're learning, as they choose and re-choose to learn that every day and every moment. As soon as they decide it is not in their highest interests to be learning what they've chosen, they can be free to choose again. It is also up to their guide to watch for this, as signs of discomfort or lack of care with a particular subject.

A Higher Education (cont.)

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