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What is Awakened?  
For those who find themselves scared and defenseless, or without hope and reason to wake up each day, we are here to remind you that life has more to offer you and it is time for a change. For those who repeat the same day over and over in an endless cycle, and long for the day that all of the work leads to eventual fruition, we are here to remind you that you are sleepwalking through the most important moments and it is time for a change. For those who want to help others, but just can't seem to find enough time to even help themselves, we are here to remind you that the time has come for a evolutionary change in your life.

What does Awakened do?

Awakened is here to help you realize what you have been missing in your life. It is a reminder during your next drive home from work, or the next time you pass a stranger in a crowded mall, that the life you've dreamed of is available to you. It is an experience that teaches you how to see past the ordinary, and see the extraordinary in all things. It can be anything you want it to, and will it to be. This is Awakened.

Awakened is here to remind you that life has more to offer you and it is time for a change Awakened is a choice...
a choice of giving instead of taking, of helping instead of hurting, of loving instead of leaving. It is a choice that requires the utmost concentration on what each of us already knows is right for ourselves.

Awakened is a state-of-mind...
a state of natural calm and of deliberate peace, a thought of joy that is eternally powerful and yet completely submissive.

Awakened is a way of life...
a life that makes the conscious choice each day and every moment to create, and re-create, with an open mind and a heart of love.

Awakened is a company...
a company that has only one goal: to bring together, person by person and life by life, everything that has made this choice, the choice to follow an awakening of energy and of consciousness that will bring our world closer in a way that has only yet been imagined.

How can I become part of this awakening?

It is up to you to decide that you are hope, generosity, and light, and a guide for others who ask for light in their lives. You must begin with a decision. This decision is very real, and it is the most crucial step in your awakening. This decision must come before any other, and it will define who you are and who you will become in the future. And it is a decision that must be remade again and again so that you will not forget your choice of awakening. No one can do this for you. It is then up to you to decide that you are hope, generosity, and light, and a guide for others who ask for light in their lives.

So it is with this decision that you initially become part of the awakening. And it is simply with your coming together with others who have also made this same decision, that you realize the full potential of your choice. Awakened can be a platform for which to do this. Click here to learn more about how you can help our world, or help us help our world..

How does Awakened achieve these goals?…aren't they too good too be true?

The goals that Awakened has set for itself in many ways are too good to be true. They are colossal goals to achieve in the current state of our world. And we know that it is impossible to create a worldwide awakening overnight. So it is easiest that we start with you, and give you the all the resources that you need to do the same with another. And if you awaken, and then give this awakening to another, then our goals are met. The energy that comes with an awakening is highly contagious. And with each awakening will come a couple others, and with each of those a couple more.

Awakened achieves it's goals the way any other person achieves theirs. We start small, and work our way out. Each of our projects are a small piece of this greater puzzle. And each of your choices are as well. Be aware, then, how powerful your choices really are!

Why is Awakened a for-profit company?

Awakened cannot rely on the generosity of people alone to fund our projects. As the world is now, the majority of our people are still more inclined to take than to give. This comes from the misconception that each of us do not have enough of everything right at this moment. Many people still believe this. Awakened is here to remind them otherwise. But until we are reminded, it is only natural that Awakened look for other sources of funding in order to keep the company functioning. This is why we create a profit driven by sales of goods and services based on Awakened's core principles. We wish that one day soon we can rely on the generosity of the world to fund us.

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